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Free Interior Design Software Features

3D and 2D designs:

The software generates both 2D floor plans (top-down view) and spectacular image-like 3D floor plans and renderings.

On the cloud:

There is nothing to download. Once you sign up you can get to work designing your room(s) immediately on our state-of-the-art digital canvas. It's free online.

Easy drag and drop:

Very user-friendly. You do not need to have any design or coding skills. The software is ridiculously easy to use - if you can use a computer mouse, you can design rooms and homes.

Save your designs:

As you work on your masterpiece, you can save it along the way. There are several export options as well.

Virtual Room Design Ideas

Check out sample interior designs created with the home design software below. The degree of detail as well as the huge array of interior features is second-to-none. As you can see, you can create life-like interiors for every part of your home. While the planning software works as a room designer it can also design entire houses.

Kitchen rendering designed by 3D software

3D kitchen design example

Open concept home interior designed with 3D online software

Open concept living example

Modern house designs with 3D software

Home exterior example

Cool modern living room designed with 3D software

3D rendering of a living room example

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3D View of Floor Plan Designs

We recommend designing in 2D view but once done, with a click of a button, you convert your designs into stunning 3D models. From there you can create an even crisper, more life-like view with the HD Snapshot feature.

Stunning Photorealistic Detail

Below is an example of the HD Snapshot feature (the one on the right). Notice the incredible photo-like detail from the regular three-dimensional view to the HD Snapshot. FYI, converting from your 3D images to HD Snapshot is not part of the free version. Instead it is a paid feature (totally optional).

Design software example 3D to HD Snapshot life-life quality.

Comparing the above two graphics, you can hardly tell the two are the same design, but they are. The one on the right is the 3D design converted into photorealistic quality just like an interior designer would use with the awesome HD Snapshot feature.

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Huge Array of Home Design Tools

Check out the many design tools, features and options at your fingertips that you incorporate with the state-of-the-art drag and drop software.

Furniture, Appliances and Home Decor

furniture items and home decor elements for interior design software

Incorporate furniture, home decor items, appliances, lighting, entertainment features and pretty much every component you wish to envision in your design. All changes made in real-time.

Construction Elements

Construction elements for interior design software

Include construction elements such as windows, arches, doors, partitions, stairs, columns, garage doors, fences and of course roofs.

Default Room Layouts

Interior design software template room layouts

Kick off your interior design project with default configurations. And yes, you can play with all kinds of interior colors including many paint color variations.

Home Exterior Design Items

home design software exterior and backyard elements

You can even enhance your interior designs by creating the outdoor spaces to complete your home design. Choose from pathways, lawns, patio furniture, trees and plants, create a garage, add a swimming pool, incorporate outdoor lighting and even have some fun by adding outdoor activity objects and items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I design structures other than room interiors with the software?

Yes, you can design individual rooms or an entire home in both 2D and 3D.

Can I design an entire home with the software?

Yes. If it has walls, it can be designed using the software. Keep in mind that this is first and foremost home and interior design software so most of the catalog items (furniture, lighting, doors, windows, etc.) are geared toward residential designs. However, you can easily design commercial office spaces, sheds, gazebos and other structures.

Do I need to download the software to my computer?

No, there is nothing to download. Everything is done online. You can, however, download or export your designs as well as save them to your account.

Do I need to know how to design or code to use the interior design software?

No, you do not need to be an interior designer or know how to code anything. If you know how to use a computer mouse and can drag things across the screen, you can use the software.

Can I use the interior design software on a tablet or smartphone?

Sorry, unfortunately the software only works on a laptop or desktop computer. 

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. There is no contract or any up-front fee or recurring fee. You start designing immediately. There are upgrade options that cost money for some premium features, but as-is you can create complete home, room and interior designs at no cost to you and no commitment of any kind.

Can I save my interior design projects?

Yes, you can save all of your projects in your account. You can come back and edit them, archive them or once done, download them.

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PLEASE NOTE: This home design software ONLY works on desktop & laptop computers. We apologize for any inconvenience.  

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